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  • welcome service robot X8R2
welcome service robot X8R2

welcome service robot X8R2

weight: 35kg;
Hmi: 13.3"TFT display; Resolution: 1920x 1080; capacitive full touch, panel;
hand joints: Shoulder 4 actuators, Elbow 2 actuators, achieving a total of 6 degrees of freedom for left and right arms. Head joint: The head of a full copper tooth 30KG digital steering gear, speed: 4.5-45 degrees per second; to achieve up, down, left and right rotation of 2 degrees of Freedom;
Chassis: 1 Driven Wheel, 2 driving wheels; rated Voltage 36V; walking mode: Wheel Walking, . Walking speed: 0.2-0.8 m/s.
LOCATION NAVIGATION: LIDAR INDOOR LOCATION, navigation and obstacle avoidance, detection range of more than 25 meters. .
Face: 2 Eyes; 2 ears .
Storage capacity: 16GB; CPU TYPE: Arm Quad Core Cortex-A12;
System Memory: lpddr22gb; Wifi Function: 802.11B/g/n
speech recognition: 8MIC array pickup, accurate sound source location, full-duplex speech interaction, up to 5M; speech playback: SNR (weighted) : 82dB; Distortion (output 5w) : 0.15% ; power rating: 5W Camera: 3 Megapixel, Large Lens, RGB Camera Microphone Array: 8 mic Array, maximum pick-up distance of 5 meters, within 2 meters of the accuracy rate of 95% ; sound source location: 360 degrees of any direction positioning no dead angle; advanced echo cancellation algorithm to achieve full-duplex voice interaction; support for custom wake-up words; Support users to add custom keywords; support local speech recognition. LIDAR: LASER RANGING: line scan, maximum distance 30 meters 270 °C range . Polymer Lithium Battery Capacity: 37V/10AH; Charging Current: Maximum 2A; discharge current: 1A whole machine rated power consumption: 35W charging mode: bottom of a contact charging module, support manual and automatic charging. It is equipped with highconway infrared thermography, 0.5 ~ 1m range of non-contact high-precision temperature measurement, voice broadcast, temperature information, temperature anomaly alarm, automatic recording temperature data

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